Friday, January 26, 2007

Da Bomb

So the Met is set to do John Adams' Doctor Atomic next year, but word on the rialto is that it won't be in the Peter Sellars production from the 2005 San Francisco premiere that's also going to the Lyric in December. Mr. Gelb was evidently not amused — no word on why, or who he'll get to direct in lieu of everyone's favorite manic sprite.


At 2/01/2007 11:49 AM, Blogger Henry Holland said...

no word on why

Hmmm...maybe because it was a dull, cluttered production with a lot of people running around doing nothing, had the singers facing away from the audience for parts of it etc. Of course, the production is genius compared to the music and the *shudder* libretto *shudder* but hey, it's the Met's and Lyric's and Netherlands Opera's money to waste.


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