Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

OK, we're going to do this in slightly allusive fashion, and with no links, because the last time we all had this much fun we brought The Man down on us and he took away our toys.

Remember the party a few months back, the one with Beethoven and Britten and Kurt Weill? Well, it's started up again, in another house a little ways down the block, and now Schubert and Fauré are there too. If you know what I'm talking about, you know what to do; if you don't, poke around a little bit, either here or elsewhere in the blögôsphère (® Alex Ross).

The Gold Paint Guy is my hero.


At 2/01/2007 9:36 PM, Blogger Lisa Hirsch said...

I wish I could figure out what you're talking about!

At 2/03/2007 8:30 PM, Blogger Alex Ross said...

Think Arthur.

At 2/06/2007 12:42 PM, Anonymous Marc Geelhoed said...

The gold paint guy rules.


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